Few areas of the world offer as potent a combination of physical, 
historic and cultural beauty as those found in the countries of the Mediterranean.

The religious, culinary and architectural differences 
present throughout the region highlight the magnificent diversity of

From the breathtaking beauty of Santorini to the artistic
 wealth of Florence and the culinary mastery of Barcelona, each country 
offers its own unique take on life within the Mediterranean basin.


All of us here at LandoftheGods have spent our professional 
lives visiting, exploring and searching for the perfect Mediterranean
What we have discovered, is that the Mediterranean 
offers a multitude of perfect holidays that would take several
 life times to experience. This region begs to be discovered.  Its 
richness and depth reward the traveler who decides to pursue their
 most personal expectations to the fullest.  Whether you are an 
oenophile, a foodie or a family of four there are boundless
 opportunities to experience and explore countries that will inspire 
and awaken your soul.

What the Mediterranean countries share are the incredible sea and sun.
 Their culinary, historical, political and architectural legacies are
based in part to this relationship. The evolution of each culture
through thousands of years of living in this region offers unique levels of fascination.  Alternatively, there is an incredible amount
 of cultural assimilation through the spoils of war and trade. All
 this creates a perfect amalgamation of travel possibilities that can 
be tailor made to coincide with fulfilling your personal travel

This is how the LandoftheGods advantage can work for you:
  • Our offices have been in operation for over 37 years, offering you
 appropriate levels of confidence and comfort knowing that we here to 
take care of even the smallest of travel details
  • We work with select local guides and operators in every destination throughout the Mediterranean who are well versed in the expectations 
of the North American traveler
  • It is our prerogative to best match your expectations with the reality
 of the ideal Mediterranean holiday
  • We only offer accommodation that suits the expectations of the North American traveler, yet offering the unique charm and hospitality of
 your host destination
  • We will save you valuable time and money on planning and organizing your holiday
  • Our deep roots with the highest quality partners in each destination ensure you will have unparalleled support in the event of unforeseen 
  • Our groups department has a wealth of experience organizing weddings, 
large family holidays and organized itineraries in Greece,
 Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Israel, Jordan & Egypt
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