Welcome to the LandoftheGods Supplier Interface


After spending many years typing and sending emails to you, our valued travel partners, all of us here at LandoftheGods thought it might make sense to build a confirmation system that simplifies the reservation process.  If you are viewing this page it is because you have received an email from LandoftheGods notifying you that there is a file that requires your immediate attention.  Or, you want to log in to view all future, current and past bookings.  Please sign in with the login details that were provided to you in the email


Important Points


  • Please note that all transfers require you to confirm the pickup/dropoff location and pickup/dropoff times
  • Please note that you will need to reconfirm the total NETT amount due to you, as it appears for each service
  • Please note that you will need to reconfirm the exact emergency telephone number for each service, as many suppliers have different numbers for transfers, sightseeing tours and hotel reservations
  • Please make sure to read our notes on each service (if applicable)
  • Please make sure to add your company's reference/confirmation number to the file for each service.  The file will not confirm without it


Thank you very much for your time and we very much look forward to continuing our valuable partnership in the near future



LandoftheGods Management