Val D'Orcia, Tuscany

Enchanted in Tuscany

By: Thomas   February 19, 2014


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Like a fresh Mediterranean wind blown in from Africa Mediterranean Visits is bring change, new life, and a little bit of warmth to the travel community!

Our mission is to bring you reliably excellent travel product, in a simple and user friendly environment. Our goal is to provide you with open and honest communication, with live chat support, social media, email, and of course an agent is always just a phone call away. We aim not to just sell you a tour but to help you understand the journey that lies ahead. They say knowledge is power and when you’re on the road this proves truer than ever. Our amazing agents have spent their professional lives visiting, exploring and even living in the Mediterranean. Armed in advance with knowledge you will find your holiday to be the relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming of. When you find something on our website it means that time and research went into making sure that we are confident this is something we would recommend to you. After all our reputation is riding on how much you enjoy your personal journey and we take our reputation very seriously! That’s why we’re all about open communication!

That’s not all however! There is one more thing that gets us really excited here at MV…. Technology

The world of social media has expanded the way we communicate and interact as people. No longer are continents and oceans barriers between us and our loved ones, we now have the ability to share our experiences in real time and that opens a world of possibilites. As much as our team loves to be on the road we spend a lot of time working hard in our offices (Otherwise we wouldn’t be very good at our jobs!) did your hotel put on a special live show? Did the playful dolphins vist your tour boat? Snap a picture and post it, tag us, tweet us, post it on our hybrid blog / social media site. We’re all about staying connected.

We want to hear your stories, the funny ones, the breathtaking moments, the personal connections and even the scary ones! We’re passionate about travel and love what we do! We want to share all of that and more with you.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ~ Henry Miller

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